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© jeanne  loveall PhotoID# 11266246: Looking Glass Falls in Autumn II A. Nature
The beauty of nature. Intimate landscapes, woodland and water scenes, and More.

© jeanne  loveall PhotoID# 6563450: Dragonfly B. Nature's Beauty
Mother Nature's Variety.

© jeanne  loveall PhotoID# 12678757: Autumn Hay Storage Barn BetterPhoto Contest Finalists, Winner

© jeanne  loveall PhotoID# 8729910: Dawn Awakening C. Flower Portrayals, Butterflies
Happiness is to hold flowers in both hands.--Japanese Proverbs

Some of the images in this category are studio shots, but my favorites are those that show their environment. I owe my love of flowers to my grandmother Amelia. She touched a plant and it grew.With a few exceptions, these are lovingly grown in my garden.

© jeanne  loveall PhotoID# 12882549: IRIS CC. . Black and White and Monochrome Floral ...
So many flowers show their design and structure so well in black and white, while others demand their gorgeous colors be shown.

as the old proverb says, , flowers are food for the soul.

© jeanne  loveall PhotoID# 8897666: Double in Blue D. Waterlilies, Oriental, Asiatic and ...
. I love all of them.
Included are Calla Lilies, native to southern Africa, which are not true lilies.(Zantedeschia)

© jeanne  loveall PhotoID# 12936: Stems E. Tulips
Not my most favorite flower, I just love photographing them.

© jeanne  loveall PhotoID# 10445207: Good Morning! F. . Sunflowers
Never too many images of sunflowers1

© jeanne  loveall PhotoID# 9638654: A Roadside Chapel G. . New Mexico
Scenes along the Turquoise Trail, the High Road to Taos, and in the vicinity of artistic Santa Fe. It is not difficult to be captivated by this "Enchanted Land".

© jeanne  loveall PhotoID# 7233299: Dories and Buoys H . Backroad Scenes of Vermont and Maine
Photos of a back roads trip through Vermont and Maine. A mere sampling of scenes showing the beauty nature has bestowed on these two states.

© jeanne  loveall PhotoID# 14056192: Cliff Dwellings 1200 AD I.Colorado and Utah
As my camera and I could not do justice to the well-known icons of these states which are widely photographed by the pros, my images are merely fragments.One must be there in person to enjoy the magnificent beauty a nd to contemplate the mysteries of the desert, I think.

© jeanne  loveall PhotoID# 11020167: Peace in the Valley J. North Carolina and Tennessee
Intimate Landscapes of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and scenes along the backroads.

© jeanne  loveall PhotoID# 7807901: My Wild Pony Friend, Assateague Island K. . Eastern Shore of Maryland, Delaware ...
There are many beautiful and interesting sights along the Atlantic Ocean and Chesapeake Bay areas of the eastern shore. Both land and water. .

© jeanne  loveall PhotoID# 146714: "Mail Pouch" Barn L. Americana
Pieces of American history.

The Mail Pouch barns were painted from 1890 to 1992. in advertisement for the West Virginia Mail Pouch chewing tobacco company. My collection include those of Pennsylvania , Ohio and West Vitginia. .
An increasing number have fallen into dilapidation or have been demolished.

© jeanne  loveall PhotoID# 13626055: The Old Barn MM. Barns and Country Scenes
A collection of barns and country scenes that have inspired me to photograph . Included are "Hex" barns of the German settlements
As the main structures of farms, barns evoke a sense of tradition and security, of closeness to the land and community with the people who built them.

© jeanne  loveall PhotoID# 11083040: A Little Bit O'Luck N. Of Time Past
A miscellaneous collection of the passage of time. This category also includes abandoned structures.<

© jeanne  loveall PhotoID# 12638729: Quiet in the Park O. Covered Bridges
A collection of covered bridges. Most of these images were taken on scenic drives through Pennsylvania and Ohio.
Many are listed in the National Register of Historic Places..

© jeanne  loveall PhotoID# 2306459: Burnside Bridge and Stone Fence P.. .Civil War Historic Places
Historic places relating to the Civil War. Gettysburg, Harpers Ferry, Antitam.

A weekend in Gettysburg led to a visit to the library!

© jeanne  loveall PhotoID# 11077734: Stackhouse Q... Black and White and Monochrome Images.
A beginning interest in this art form.
Some of these images have been toned.

© jeanne  loveall PhotoID# 12865516: The Road to Church in the Valley R. .Roads, Paths, Trails

© jeanne  loveall PhotoID# 12266106: Glade Creek Mist Mill T. .Scenes Not Far Away
A few small scenes, here and there.

© jeanne  loveall PhotoID# 268953: Modification of Image by Bill Loveall V Winter Scenes and Snow Images
Always nice to have a snow day to beautify the drab late winter environment.

© jeanne  loveall PhotoID# 12322910: Autumn Wagon X Country Market, Fruits and Vegetables
A stop at a roadside market and images of fruits and vegetables

© jeanne  loveall PhotoID# 12347904: Tied XX. Hodgepodge
No rhyme nor reason here. An unrelated collection of photos that I like for one reason or another.

© jeanne  loveall PhotoID# 10794900: EDWIN Z. Humour
Frivolous images that bring a smile to my face.

© jeanne  loveall PhotoID# 12665786: Daisy Bell ZZ. Digital Whimsies
A few minutes of play time for a hobbyist.


© jeanne loveall

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